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Loc8 plumbing software - Job scheduling software

Schedule, assign & complete appointments

Start your day with a complete overview of your workload! Simplify your job management processes and schedule appointments according to your client’s availability through the Loc8 web or mobile app. Promptly dispatch plumbers using custom region and trade based assignments via the calendar or quick scheduling mode.

Your techs will be notified in real time of new or updated appointments, allowing them to attend to them immediately or when scheduled. If an appointment is incorrectly assigned, it can be easily reassigned in-field. Changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

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Define specific task and sub task lists

After scheduling all your jobs, ensure that they are all being completed correctly! Create task-based work orders with explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks, even on the fly. You can also store and manage these work orders via a dedicated task library for use again in the future.

Get your plumbers to action tasks while on the job with detailed notes, result outcomes, and photos. If they cannot complete a particular job, fail it or create a follow-up rectification task.

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Easy quoting

Just received a few more job requests this afternoon? Make job quoting an easy task! Create and send quotes for plumbing jobs based on attributes like estimated on-site time, travel, and inventory usage or if you don’t want to create a new quote, simply generate a quote based on tasks from the task library.

Share the quote with your customer using your company logo and details, while also providing them with the option to approve or decline the quote online. If a quote is declined or contains errors, simply create a new version and modify it. Don’t worry; all the previous versions will remain intact for you to review later.

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Financial control, charges and costs

Finish off the day by reviewing your cash-flow! Specify whether you need to charge for tasks, time or travel for each work order. Compare costs against the initial estimate and projected values as work progresses to ensure the job is profitable.

Define templates that specify items chargeable such as on-site time, travel, callout charges, tasks and inventory. Associate the template with the customer so that quotes, work orders and invoices can be created accordingly.

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Software for the Plumbing industry FAQ’s

Can I send invoices in real-time from my Loc8 system?
  • With smart Xero and QuickBooks integrations, you can generate quotes, send them to customers and get them approved in real-time. This allows you to get paid on time and therefore maintain a healthy cashflow.

  • An asset is defined by any piece of material, machinery, property or equipment that needs periodic maintenance or replacement. Keeping track of the lifecycle of those assets and planning their maintenance is then what we define as Asset Management.

  • Yes, the Loc8 solution is greatly flexible and allows its users to invite several other users in order to work jointly and share information about jobs, workers work progressions, financials and assets.

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