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Job Management Software for Landscaping Businesses

Loc8 can help you expand your Landscaping Businesses operations

Job Scheduling

Schedule, dispatch & complete appointments

Get your day up and running! Quickly create an appointment suited to your customer’s availability using the Loc8 web or mobile app. Then dispatch your technicians or sub-contractors using custom region and trade based assignment, either in calendar or quick scheduling modes.

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Calendar filters
Daily tasks

Tasks and Sub-tasks

Define task & sub-task lists

Create task-based work orders using explicitly defined tasks and sub-tasks on the go, or simply store them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future. Action your tasks in-field along with detailed notes, result outcomes and photos. If a task is not completed, fail it or create a follow-up rectification task.

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Work Reports

Detailed work reports, automatically

Just after lunch time, take a moment to make sure all your jobs are running smoothly! Loc8’s job tracking tools let you automatically create detailed work reports at the end of each and every appointment based on time and travel logged, tasks completed, inventory used and of course, customer sign-off.

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Loc8 Personalise Correspondance
Convert Jobs to Invoices


Your invoices in the one app

Finish off the day by sending a few invoices with Loc8’s simple yet powerful invoice generator! Invoice your customers for completed work, whether it’s a single task or work completed at an appointment. If you have several completed work orders that are yet to be invoiced, you can easily add them to a single invoice. Pick all work orders or even just one or two appointments from each job.

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Jobs done for the day!

Loc8 is the perfect solution for landscaping businesses like yours to help them get their jobs and teams organised and keep their customers satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software for Landscaping Businesses FAQ’s

  • Landscaping Businesses use Loc8 most of the time as a job and team management software. It allows them to delegate the administrative duties to the app and focus on their main activity, landscaping! Learn more about jobs and team management.

  • Before selecting software, you need to establish a concrete list of all your business requirements. Your budget, daily activities and number of workers to manage are essential components to be considered. However, we’ve listed a few other elements that you should look into before making your final decision. Learn more here.

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