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Contractor Management Software

Manage your contractors with ease with our Invoicing, Quoting and Job Management Software.

Job Scheduling

Easily Schedule, Assign and Complete Appointments

Get your day started by promptly scheduling appointments that suit your customer’s availability using the Loc8 web or mobile app. Use it to dispatch technicians using custom region and trade-based assignment in calendar or quick scheduling modes.

Stay on top of your workflow with real-time updates! If there are any new appointments or if an existing one has been updated, your pest controllers will be notified immediately. If there’s an error in assigning the right team, you can reassign a new one on the fly. All changes are visible across the entire cloud-based system in real time.

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Job scheduling calendar views
Daily tasks

Tasks and Sub-tasks

Define specific task & sub-task lists

Now that you have all your appointments scheduled, ensure all jobs are done properly! Create task based work orders by specifying tasks and sub-tasks on the fly, or store and manage them via a dedicated task library for use again in the future.

Loc8 enables you to be mobile! Action each and every task in-field with comprehensive notes, result outcomes, and photos. If a task can’t be completed, fail it or assign a follow-up rectification task.

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Easy invoicing

Start the afternoon with a bit of admin work with Loc8’s intuitive and powerful invoice generator! Invoice your customers for all completed work, from a single task to all work completed. Merge all completed work orders into a single invoice for easy and rapid invoicing!

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Invoice Payment Notifications
Create Quote From Job


Financial control, charges & costs

Measure the outcome of your day by going over your cashflow! For a particular work order, specify whether to charge for tasks, time and/or travel. As work progresses, compare costs against the initial estimate and projected values to ensure you make money on that particular job.

Make it easy with Loc8’s smart templates! Create predefined templates that specify whether to charge for on-site time, travel, callout charges, tasks and inventory. Associate the template with specific customers to automatically create a quote or work order when a job request comes in.

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That’s it for today!

We know you have busy weeks and long working hours; With Loc8 you can easily get all your jobs organised and get detailed financial insights related to your business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software for General Contracting Businesses FAQ’s

  • It is a solution, that allows contracting businesses to organise their jobs, teams and finances. Gathering those three components into the same app allows businesses to be more proactive, reduce costs and deliver better service to their customers.

  • Loc8 is a very flexible and scalable solution which allows you to invite, collaborate and share data with third-party companies and external providers.

  • Yes, you can manage the lifecycle of your assets (material, property, machinery, equipment etc…) and automatically plan their maintenance using the Asset addon. Learn more about asset management

Stay in control & never lose track of your assets with Loc8 Enterprise

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