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Asset Maintenance solution for Commercial Real Estate

A fully integrated property asset and vendor management platform for your Commercial Real Estate Management Strategy.

Loc8 for commercial real estate - Jobs & Asset Management platform
Loc8 for real estate industry - Process and Content Transparency

Process and Content Transparency

Real-time Real Estate management platform
The Loc8 Real Estate Management platform provides a real-time view of your nominated assets configured to all aspects required to execute your operational process, strategy and reporting requirements.

Fully-integrated Service Supply Chain (SSC)
As the information is built from the ground up (jobs, asset reporting and asset tracking), transparency in both the process and outcomes around the assets is provided, in turn providing the ability to aggregate this information up or down your Service Supply Chain.

The transparency offered by the solution links all stakeholders in the Service Supply Chain by providing them with a detailed understanding of the work that needs to be performed.

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Know your assets & know your customers

Track all your physical assets virtually
Loc8 allows you to create an asset structure that matches the physical location of your real-world assets, enabling you to easily find and maintain them once on site.

Standardise and re-use asset types
Loc8’s robust, hierarchical asset type mechanism lets you standardise the types of assets you maintain, as well as the information you put on them and the preventative schedules you run against them.

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Loc8 for real estate industry - Know your assets & know your customers
Loc8 for real estate industry - Collaborate & share asset data

Collaborate & share asset data

Keep your customers fully informed
You can provide your customers with visibility of their assets, including status, location and maintenance history by utilising our next-generation customer portal.

Extend the power of Loc8 with advanced custom integrations
Our API makes it easier to write custom integrations with any 3rd party enterprise software solutions that you are currently using in your organisation to either push asset data into Loc8 or pull it out in an expected span of time.

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Compliance & sustainability

Our compliance management tools allow powerful data collection, contract reviewal and tender preparation, as well as owner focused reporting for risk management, activity supervision, and service level monitoring.

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Loc8 for real estate industry - Compliance & sustainability
Loc8 Field Service Software

Software for the Commercial Real Estate Industry FAQ’s

  • It depends on your requirements. Loc8 can share necessary data with your other systems via public or custom API based integrations.

  • Yes, Loc8’s cloud service providers adhere to the highest possible security standards. Private cloud and multi-tenant options are available for customers with enhanced security demands.

  • Yes, contractor use is optional. However, by having them using it, it enhances some of the functionality, such as data sharing and visibility of progress. Loc8’s out of the box performance and functionality is not affected in the slightest should one of your contractors choose not to use the platform.

  • Loc8’s Sales and Service Delivery teams are here to ensure your implementation is fast and effective. The system also has an inbuilt setup wizard and an online live chat service. However, if you are still unsure, you can always contact us; we are happy to help at any time!

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