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Asset Maintenance solution for Healthcare

Loc8 is the Asset Maintenance and Job Management platform that provides clear reporting across all your infrastructure and equipment management requirements within your Healthcare organisation

Loc8 for health care services - Jobs & Asset Management platform
Loc8 for the health care industry - The solution for Healthcare Organizations

Loc8 is the solution for Healthcare Organisations

Loc8 provides Healthcare organisations with a powerful set of tools to manage building infrastructure, equipment, technicians and contractors. Loc8 also enables better operational control, with features such as intelligent asset lifecycle management, budgeting and reporting capabilities.

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Take Control of third party contractors

Loc8 provides greater visibility through its Service Supply Chain; a concept which was designed to allow asset owners, service providers and subcontractors to view and share data in real time. As an asset owner in the Healthcare sector, you have a complete overview of the progress and performance of your contractors. As a contractor to the industry, you can share data with your customer and view the work progression of your sub-contactors. Once implemented, the Loc8 Service Supply Chain allows all its users to save time, improve efficiency and deliver better service to the end customer.

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Loc8 for the health care industry - Job scheduling and Planned Maintenance

Effective Job scheduling and Planned Maintenance

Easily create reactive and planned appointments that suit your customer’s availability and send the job details directly to your technician or subcontractor via the Loc8 Mobile app. In the case of planned maintenance activities, this will happen automatically. Combine jobs in the “projects” workspace to have visibility and control over a group of techs working on the same site and use region and trade-based allocation options to make the process even easier. The system will provide real-time updates to the job as it progresses through its workflow.

Loc8 also makes it easy to reassign or update jobs in-field as supervisors have the ability to reallocate as necessary should any data be wrong, or a technician unavailable.

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Compliance management and sustainability

The Loc8 Certification module provides the ability for staff and contractors to upload documents that relate to certifications, insurance, training and induction documents. System alerts and job allocation restrictions can be enabled in order to notify operators and/or the concerned department if any of the involved parties are not certified, insured or inducted as required.

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Loc8 for the health care industry - compliance management and sustainability
Loc8 Field Service Software

Software for the Healthcare Industry FAQ’s

  • Yes, Loc8 offers both public and custom API based integrations.

  • Yes, Loc8 Mobile provides offline functionality and any data captured in offline mode will synchronise when a connection is re-established.

  • No, Loc8 supports unlimited data storage for all file types.

  • No, however, if you want real-time updates of job progress then your third-party providers will need to run Loc8 as well.

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